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Logistically Speaking
Mar 05, 8:00 AM EST
H.D. White Logistics, LLC
Because we know how important it is for you to succeed in the world of transportation, we want to show you how to make your Transportation Business a Success!
Join us for a four-day in depth exploration of  the latest technologies and processes needed to shift you companies initiatives into high gear.
This workshop is designed to help participants better understand and develop in the Transportation Industry. Whether you are a Start-Up, Existing Company or Transportation professional, we will  help you learn how to:
  • Start & grow  your business
  • Secure business Capital
  • Logistics Management

  • Understand Mental Health &Trucking

  • Risk Management & Insurance

Coming into the world of Transportation and Logistics sparked a deeper interest in Hope than any other previous career path. Not only does transportation foster an environment that allows her ability to build strong relationships and communicate to thrive, but she finds that despite challenges of being a woman in a male dominated industry, women are the answer to many of the Trucking Industry’s problems. Women are a proven asset to trucking organizations, as female drivers have lower turnover rates, fewer accidents and more miles logged. She is confident that the gender gap will continue to close through continued education of the benefits of having women as carriers, fleet operators, vendors as well as drivers. "The opportunities are endless when it comes to recruiting women into the trucking industry and as a CEO, I am proud to be one of the women in the driver’s seat to help begin making strides to hire women for these positions. "

Karla's leadership began in a fortune 500 company where she held numerous leadership   roles.  After 12 years in Corporate America she accepted a role as the COO of a non-profit organization.  During her 8 year tenure with that organization they experienced massive growth in all key areas including staff, volunteers, membership, finances, efficiency and  more.  Recognizing her strengths and proven strategies for leadership and organizational development, she created K Beedles Consulting.  


Since then, she has been recognized as a Top 10 Young Professional, been listed amongst the Who’s Who with the Urban CEO Network, certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker with The John Maxwell Team and more.  She lives by the motto, NO EXCUSES ALLOWED – I am who I am in this moment because of the choices I make every minute of each day.

Stephanie Headen is a licensed professional counselor with nine years of experience in the mental health profession. She specializes in anxiety, depression, anger management and has been trained in crisis intervention. Her background makes her the ideal therapist for people in high-stress jobs. 


Stephanie is the wife of a former military police officer and understands how it can be hard for people in typical "masculine" fields to seek help.  Her personal experience along with her training allows Stephanie to focus on telemental health for truckers in Georgia.  She promotes healing in a safe, judgment-free zone where she can confidentially counsel truckers through secured video and phone counseling.

Lawanda “Elle Michell” Hall is an experienced and engaging global Risk Management & Insurance expert with nearly 20 years of diverse, progressive experience.   She has managed the risk of portfolios with assets of $20 Billion in more than 200 countries. Ms. Hall is a decisive strategist, creative problem solver with keen analytical skills and a powerful  ‘win-win’ negotiator. An Atlanta native, Lawanda is a forward-thinking visionary who leads with prudence and candor while focusing on profitable outcome. Lawanda is the Founder and CEO of Intelligent Intentions LLC; where clients receive life and career coaching from Lawanda's alter ego, Elle Michell. As an award winning life coach, consultant, speaker and trainer; Elle leverages the analytical, investigation and negotiation skills afforded by her career as a seasoned risk management professional in order to efficiently help clients manage their personal and career risks.   Intelligent Intentions offers individual and corporate coaching services. Also, Elle is quite a skilled speaker. Her presentations are an eloquent blend of candid authenticity and wisdom. She moves audiences with her commanding presence and vivid language. The heart of Elle’s work is awakening confidence in her clients by getting to the crux of what is driving their uncertainties.  Elle is a firm believer that confidence is everyone's perfect complement and catalyst! Her clients have dubbed her “The Confidence Coach” based upon her ability to speak life to their possibilities in a manner which removes all doubt and invokes full throttle freedom.