HD White Logistics Consulting is pleased to be able to offer the following range of facilitated Consultations that provide invaluable Supply Chain and Logistics Training across a broad range of topics. These are mainly designed to be run as in-house workshops. Some can be run as half day, one day, or even two days in cases where they are more intensive workshops and are designed to train rather than inform. 

Consultation Services




Hope White - CEO and Founder, HD White Logistics

Coming into the world of Transportation and Logistics sparked a deeper interest in Hope than any other previous career path. Not only does transportation foster an environment that allows her ability to build strong relationships and communicate to thrive, but she finds that despite challenges of being a woman in a male dominated industry, women are the answer to many of the Trucking Industry’s problems. Women are a proven asset to trucking organizations, as female drivers have lower turnover rates, fewer accidents and more miles logged. She is confident that the gender gap will continue to close through continued education of the benefits of having women as carriers, fleet operators, vendors as well as drivers. "The opportunities are endless when it comes to recruiting women into the trucking industry and as a CEO, I am proud to be one of the women in the driver’s seat to help begin making strides to hire women for these positions. "